About Jansen GIC BV

Jansen GIC is an independent greenhouse horticulture consultancy firm. The company was founded by Jan Jansen, an industry expert with extensive experience and therefore an excellent interlocutor. Since 1991, Jan worked in management positions for various companies in the greenhouse horticulture industry. Additionally, in 2000, he started working as a technical consultant within the same industry.

If you, as a horticulturist or investor, have plans to start a new business or to renovate and / or expend an existing business, we will be able to help you sorting out your parcel:

  • How can we best build the greenhouse, and which type of greenhouse is the most suitable?
  • How can we build the warehouse and the social areas, taking into account internal transport and statutory requirements?
  • Where will be the technical area (boiler room and / or substrate area)?
  • Where can we best put the buffer tank?
  • Where will be the basins?
  • Et cetera…
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In short, on the basis of the first drawings, a final plan of your wishes will be realized.

We can make the complete building permit drawings and assist you in filling out the forms for the building permits / environmental permits. We can also assist with the application of utilities such as electricity, gas, water, sewerage, et cetera. Of course, you can also hand this all over to us.

As a horticulturist or investor you decide which product or crop you want to produce, but you may not be fully aware of the possible techniques that could apply to your product. Think of, for example, techniques that are available in greenhouses, screen installations, heating installations, water and electrical installations, CHP’s, medium voltage installations, et cetera; we can assist you with this. Because our customer is our focal point, you as a customer will receive honest advice from us about the pros and cons of the different installations and applications. You as a customer determine for which part you call us.

In the quotation stage, many entrepreneurs often receive so much information from suppliers and installers, which does not make it necessarily easy to make certain choices.

During personal conversations, we will inform you about the (im)possibilities of greenhouses and installations to support you in your decisions. For each part, a project description can be made and this will then be sent to the greenhouse builders and installers of which you would like to receive an offer. The quotations will be assessed by us on a technical level and on completeness. During purchase discussions, we discuss on an equal level with greenhouse builders and installers about the different techniques and possibilities to achieve a good price / quality ratio. In the end, you will decide who the contractor will be.

If desired, we take care of construction planning. During the construction period, we lead the construction meetings and will supervise the construction and check if everything goes according to agreement.

The customer decides what he wants to hire us for. Please, contact us in good time. This will save you both time and energy.

Jansen Greenhouse Industry Consultancy

Knowledge and experience, key to quality!